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Taking Care of Human Hair

Hair weft will be quite tight for a week or so, until they’ve loosened up slightly and your own hair has grown a bit. You will not need to wash hair extensions as often as normal hair – once a week at the most would be fine. The only part that really needs to be washed is at the scalp, so it’s best to run a dilute shampoo solution through the scalp, and then let the lather rinse through the hair weft them. Gives this advice on looking after your braids:

Shampooing: The method for washing hair weft is to squirt a little shampoo in my hand then dilute it with some water If you can’t get peppermint shampoo,which is what thinks is the best thing for washing hair extensions with, try any minty shampoo or one with tea tree oil (The Body Shop tea tree shampoo works great, just get one of the bitty travel bottles). So, what I do is first gently rub my scalp with the pads of my fingers to ease the urge to itch, and to lose any, um, scruff. Then, Apply to part of your hair concentrating it all on your scalp. Apply to your head in sections until you seem to have it all covered. Then, rinse like crazy. A shower or one of those shower head attachments is really helpful for hair extensions at this moment. Rinse for several minutes. Sometimes itchiness is left over shampoo on your poor scalp.

Drying: Squeeze out as much water as you can while in the shower. Then, grab a towel and gently squeeze out more water. Grab another towel, since the first is probably soaked, and gently squeeze some more. Your hair will be really heavy right now, so try to support it with your hands as much as possible. Definitely, don’t pile your hair on top of your head using a towel as turban. I tend to sit on the sofa with my hair piled on a towel on top of the sofa back. My hair is supported by the back of the sofa, and the towel beneath it is keeping the sofa dry while also helping to dry out my hair. You can use a hair dryer on low temperature to help your hair dry faster.

Preventing fuzz for human hair extensions:
When washing, you can apply scalp sprays and dry shampoos which will keep the itchiness down. Sheen/hair weft sprays will keep your hair looking nice, and prevent fuzziness. If you wrap your hair extensions in a scarf while sleeping, and change over to satin pillowcases, you’ll find that your hair weft won’t get too fuzzy.

How often to wash the hair extensions: As far as frequency of washing, this is really different as individual. I tend to wait at least a week between scrubbing up. Sometimes 2 or so. I give myself a gentle scalp massage with some oil and spray leave in conditioner if I think my head is being sad. "
Funkiness: Developing a bit of a funk in your hair extensions is a definite possibility. I think thoroughly rinsing, and getting as much water out of them as quickly as possible will probably help with that.

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